Volunteering with us!

Our Volunteers:

We love our volunteers, and we couldn’t possibly operate without them.

Our volunteers play a huge part in the day-to-day running of the centre, and there are many different tasks that our volunteers complete for BNC.

We welcome new volunteers with open arms, and there are several volunteer roles which we need to fill. We want you to volunteer your time doing the things that you enjoy, and we wish to provide volunteer placements that you are passionate about.

We support the Statement of Principles created by ‘The Centre for Volunteering’ and the NSW state Government.

You can read this statement Here.

Mutual Obligation – Volunteering with Centrelink

We provide mutual obligation placements here at BNC, offering several different volunteer positions:

  • Community Gardening
  • Cleaning, Hall and grounds maintainence
  • Computer tutoring
  • Administration
  • Other roles are available – what are your skills? What would you like to do? Come and speak with us.

Unfortunately we do not offer mutual obligation placements in the Men’s Shed at this time.


About Volunteering:


  • Volunteering underpins our society, binds us together and contributes to strengthening our community.
  • It is a rewarding way to participate in and with the community
  • It is a matter of choice undertaken by free will
  • It has designated volunteer positions and does not replace paid workers
  • It can be done to satisfy mutual obligation requirements to receive pensions and payments and
  • It is unpaid but oh so rewarding!

Staying connected to your community is vitally important to living a healthy lifestyle and volunteering is one way to do this. At Belmont Neighbourhood Centre we have plenty of opportunities to help you find the right reason to Volunteer- the Board of management, sub committees, group leaders, computer tutors, Shed Supervisors, Maintenance workers, Community Gardeners….. We have people volunteering for many different reasons, but the common key is everyone wants to contribute to the wider Belmont Community.

We aim to meet the needs of individual volunteers by matching specific roles and tasks with the individual’s skills, passions and availability. At Belmont Neighbourhood Centre, we aim for a respectful and supportive environment for all our volunteers to work.


For any volunteering inquiries , please call us on 4947 0031 or contact us.