1-2-3 Magic Parenting

1-2-3 Magic Parenting

Are you looking for a magic wand to help discipline your child or children? Are you exhausted, at your wits end, a new parent or simply just looking for some new ideas?
Well look no longer 1-2-3 Magic Parenting for 2-12 year olds is here to put the fun back into parenting.
Parents will learn easy to use techniques, receive practical advice and learn effective discipline.
1-2-3 Magic Parenting is simple, friendly, effective child discipline and it WORKS!!
1-2-3 Magic Parenting workshop starts soon! 30th August, 6th & 13th Sep 2017

All welcome Bookings essential Call BNC on 49470031

1-2-3 Magic Parenting is simple, friendly and an effective form of child discipline, designed for parents to gain back control and enjoy time with their kids again.

1-2-3 Magic will give you the tools to
-discipline your children in a positive way
-build a child’s self-esteem
-help your child learn social skills.
-increase your child’s ability to self manage
-provide the skills to take action in difficult to manage parenting situations

For parents with children 2-12 years


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