Opening Hours:

BNC Reception: Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm

Men’s Shed: Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm

Community Garden: Monday – Friday 8am – 2pm

Belmont Neighbourhood Centre Inc. is a community managed organization. We thank all our Management Committee members for their valuable time, skills and commitment to make Belmont a better place. Our Management Committee are;

BNC Executive Committee for 2019-2020
Carol Wall – President
Marilyn Foot – Vice-President
Elisabeth Evans– Secretary
Robert O’brien – Treasurer

Committee Members
Deborah Moore – Staff Liaison
Lorraine Pendergast
Heather Lindsay
George Knight
Susan Titterton

Centre Staff

Kylie Abell – Coordinator – Finance and Programs
Chris Brown – Coordinator – Communications, Services and Resources


Belmont Neighbourhood Centre aims to promote access, equity and participation to those most affected by current issues in the community. We operate to promote a sense of ‘belonging’, by providing a safe place for the community to meet in order to:

  • Share and receive information on local issues and activities
  • Participate in activities/affirmative action
  • Form new friendships
  • Form groups for the development of new activities, services and facilities to support the community
  • Advocate to Local, State and Federal Government Departments on behalf of individuals and groups to change policy



Belmont Neighbourhood Centre (BNC) was started by a group of community members in 1991, which formed the first management committee. This group then applied for a Hunter Area Assistance Scheme (HAAS) grant for a Coordinator, and asked Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) for help in finding a location.

Along with ongoing fundraising and success in obtaining a 1991-1992 Hunter Area Assistance Scheme (HASS) grant, LMCC approved the leasing of the Belmont North Community Hall. With the assistance of Eastlake Skill share office accommodation was built.

Since July 1994, the centre has operated under Department of Community Services (DOCS), Community Grants Program funds and has been registered as an incorporated, non-profit community based association.

The first coordinator was employed in July, 1992, and launched the project, starting programme’s and activities as per the HAAS funding agreement, directing services to those most disadvantaged in the community.

The committee and coordinator have since worked closely together to ensure that BNC grows and adapts to future community needs.


Belmont Neighbourhood Centre values the contribution of all those who commit their time, effort and expertise to the operation of the centre.

Belmont Neighbourhood Centre acknowledges that many people contribute through volunteering.

Belmont Neighbourhood Centre is supported by a Voluntary Management Committee and up to ten Voluntary Support Staff per day.