Because of Her, We Can – a poem by Kathy Edwards

BECAUSE OF HER WE CAN  (c) Kathy Edwards 13/6/2018

She is the one who is behind every great man on this earth

and the one who shares the happiness from the pain of each childbirth.

She will be there when she’s needed when there’s something to be done

with the strength to conquer mountains and the will to carry on.

She’s a marvel in the kitchen and can feed a hungry mob,

will work her fingers to the bone because she’ll tell you, it’s her job.

She will hug you when you’re grieving from a broken-hearted loss

or help you with a workload and you respect her, she’s the boss.

She’s a plumber, electrician or a soldier gone to battle

she’s a farmer, she’s a drover and can muster herds of cattle.

She’s the pilot in a Jumbo jet, or the Captain of a ship

she’s out there fighting fires or saving surfers from a rip.

She’s a teacher, she’s a doctor and a mentor rolled in one

and will stay, whate’er the outcome until her work is done.

She can answer children’s questions when they keep on asking “WHY?”

Or defuse a heated situation in the blinking of an eye.

She has love that knows no boundaries will teach her children right from wrong

give them hope and inspiration, and a sense that they belong.

She will fight for truth and justice, she’s a fighter to the end.

She’s a hero, she’s an Angel and a trusted, loyal friend.    

In the face of trouble or adversity she’ll extend a helping hand

she is noble, wise and Oh so proud of her heritage, her land.

She’s a Mother, she’s a Sister, she’s an Auntie, she’s a Nan,

She’s the hand that rocks the cradle and it’s because of her, we can.


                                                * * * * * * * *