BNC’s Community Playgroups.

Local Parents are invited to join our Community Playgroups.

Community Playgroups are a great way to socialize children; giving them a chance to experience new things, meet other people, and develop social skills. Playgroups are great for grown ups too! They are a great way of bringing parents together to support and encourage each other.

BNC has two regular Community playgroups who meet at our centre.

Red Robin – Each Monday from 10am, during the school term.
Red Robin is a general playgroup for children 0-6yrs of age. This is an informal group and activities usually depend on the interests of the children. Activities generally include inside and outside play, texture and sensory play, gross motor skills/exercise, story time, basic literacy and music.

Cost – $4 per family for members, or $6 for non-members

No bookings required, just turn up. Bring morning tea and a hat.

Belmont Supported Playgroup – Each Thursday from 9:30am – during the school term.
This supported playgroup is for children on the Autism Spectrum, or those with additional behavioral needs. Qualified and experienced child educators are here to support the needs of the parent and the child. Parents learn simple skills to help children respond to emotional and sensory stress and children get to play in a structured and supported learning environment. This playgroup is great for parents, who can connect and network with other local parents.

Cost – Free!

No bookings required, just turn up. Bring morning tea and a hat.

Download the flyer HERE

Why do we run playgroups?

We believe in the power of playgroups, as places where children learn vital social skills – how to share, how to be a good friend, and to be polite. As well as socialisation, playgroups also develop their growing bodies, fine-tune motor skills, coordination and balance. like many of our community programs, playgroups are also about nurturing strong relationships. Our playgroups are a place where children and parents can form friendships that can last a lifetime. We believe that children need to observe and participate in relationships where there is an exchange of trust, respect and kindness, in order to fully develop confidence, and a sense of self.

Lastly, playgroups are just plain fun. It is a joy to watch children playing together.

Give us a call on 4947 0031 if you have any questions.