Celebrating the life of Nanette Bingham

Belmont Neighbourhood Centre is celebrating Nanette’s life, and her inspiring contribution to our centre.

It is with great sadness that BNC learned of Nanette’s passing on the 21st of December 2017. As we remember her, our hearts have been filled with joy, hearing the many wonderful stories from Nan’s life. Some of these stories are shared below.

19th November 1941 – 21st December 2017


She was direct, always spoke her mind always seemed to get to the gist of a matter and help find an answer to any problem. – Pat Haddow

A little bit about Nan:

Nan was passionate about her friends and family and her whole life revolved around them. She was always busy taking her children to rugby league, surf life saving and local sport, and was extremely proud of her 4 grandchildren. She was a passionate local citizen and an active, vocal member of our Management Committee.

We have heard many comments on how nan was ‘unstoppable’, she never gave up and she fought for what she believed in. In mid 2017 Nan had a fall, injured her foot and had lots of bruising on her face and body. A Management Committee Meeting was scheduled and we didnt expect nan to attend, due to her injuries. But to everyone’s delight, Nan showed up, with her crutches and moon boot on, black and blue; determined to attend the meeting and contribute to committee’s decisions. Her commitment to BNC was inspiring.

Close and long-time friend Pat Haddow has written a letter reflecting on her life.

Our friend Nan Bingham

Nan was the best of friends, who would do a good turn for everyone she knew. Even when she was not well herself, she would drive her friend to the doctors, hospital or wherever they could not manage to reach alone.

She never spoke a bad word about anyone, always had an optimistic outlook, was always caring, encouraging, and above all full of enthusiasm for anything she undertook.

No half measures for Nan.

She was direct, always spoke her mind always seemed to get to the gist of a matter and help find an answer to any problem.

Nan was a member of the BNC for over 18 years, a hard working committee member for most of that time. Like the rest of the small community she cooked, washed, up did laundry, shopping, minded the office when the coordinator had to go to meetings, helped to organise and run every event we held at the BNC in the early days when volunteers were scarce and the committee comprised of the majority of the membership. Her bright smiles, support and cheerful presence will be sorely missed by all the knew her.

Farewell dear friend.


Pat Haddow