‘Confident, Fearless and Strong’ 2018 Youth Week Event.

‘Confident, Fearless and Strong’ 2018 Youth Week Event

On Tuesday 17th of April, Belmont Neigbourhood Centre will hold an event in celebration of NSW Youth Week, 2018.

Youth Week 2018 flyer

Youth Week 2018 flyer

What’s happening this year?

This year’s youth week event is themed ‘Confident, Fearless and Strong’ was based on consultations between Belmont Neighbourhood Centre and students from Belmont High School. In our consultation with the young women, they told us about feeling isolated because everyone is using their mobile phone all the time, and how instagram and social media puts pressure on girls to be ‘perfect, well liked and popular’.

Some inspiring people will be joining us to encourage and build confidence in young wome:

  • Sally Comerford will present a ‘7 steps to greater confidence’ workshop
  • BNC’s resident beautician, Leesa, will provide free nail pampering for the lucky door prize winners
  • Dale from Community Activities Lake Macqurie will create a ‘chill space’
  • BNC’s LGBTI-friendly worker, Chris will provide a selfie booth
  • Kylie from BNC will cook up a tasty meal for the participants

Bookings required – call 02 4947 0031, or send us a facebook message

Download the flyer HERE

Read the Media Release HERE

For more info on youth week, click here


Youth at Belmont Neighbourhood Centre

We love having young people around, and BNC provides several ways for youth to be involved in our centre.

OzHarvest & Community Pantry

Youth from Belmont High School can participate as volunteers for our OzHarvest and Community Pantry food program. OzHarvest collect donated foods and bring them to Belmont Neighbourhood Centre, where we distribute them to people who are experiencing homelessness, are financially disadvantaged or unemployed. Community Pantry is a service which provides reduced cost food to the community. Participants can purchase several shopping bags full of food for the small fee of $10.

Youth are invited to volunteer for this program by helping people to carry and pack food. It’s an easy way to help people in our community who are struggling.

Work Experience Placement

Twice a year we provide work experience placements for students who wish to learn practical administration and customer service skills. To apply for a work experience placement, send us an email or give us a call.

Project Placement

Do you have an idea for an event, workshop or community service?

Belmont Neighbourhood Centre seeks to assist young people who want to make a positive impact in our community. Belmont has a rich history of programs which have been lead by youth:

  • Youth Gardening group
  • Youth Clean Up Australia Day
  • Youth Week Events
  • Computer programming and coding
  • Art Murals
  • Research and community surveys

If you have a project that you would like to see happen in Belmont, get in touch.