First Aid Highlights for Parents – FREE!

First Aid Highlights for Parents – Free!

Belmont Neighbourhood Centre has teamed up with Belmont McDonald’s to run free First Aid Highlights training for parents, free of charge!

Workshop content

This first aid training will focus on the highlights – it is not an accredited course. It aims to be an informal information session where you can chat one-on-one with a paramedic and have your questions answered. If parents have a particular question to ask, we invite you to let us know when booking your spot. Experienced paramedics will provide information on first aid for minor injuries, times when an incident requires a visit to hospital emergency and times when it is important to call an ambulance for rapid response medical attention. Other topics covered will include CPR basics, drowning, choking, poisoning and first aid for babies.


The aim of this event is to build confidence for parents and carers. This would be particularly useful to new or young mothers/fathers who are feeling a bit anxious about caring for their new baby.

As mentioned above, this is not a first aid certificate. It’s an opportunity to speak one on one with a paramedic and have your questions answered. We hope that this event can help to put your mind at ease, and to give you the knowledge for what to do in the event of a medical emergency.

Proudly Sponsored by Belmont McDonald’s.

Sponsorship from Belmont McDonald’s means that we can run this event at no cost to parents.

Great programs like this would not run without the generous support of our local businesses.

Bookings required.

Yes, bookings are required for this event. As it is free it will fill up very quickly! Bookings are also used for catering purposes.

Please call us on 02 4947 0031 to book your spot. If you like, we can take note of any specific questions you might have for the paramedics.

Media release.

Please see the Media Release Here.

For any media inquiries, contact Chris via: 

Phone: 02 4947 0031
Email: programs @ bnc . asn . au (just remove the spaces)