Luskin Way Residents Celebrate Opening of New Playground Equipment

BNC recently attended the official opening of the new Luskin Way Playground.

We are thrilled that the families of Luskin Way, Belmont North now have brand new play equipment to enjoy.

Mayor of Lake Macquarie, Councillor Kay Fraser unveiled the new equipment with BNC Management Committee Volunteer, Liz Evans, Centre Coordinator Chris Brown and volunteers from Habitat in Harmony Community garden in attendance. Students from Belmont North Primary School tested out the new equipment, and BNC volunteers handed out choc-covered bananas and orange slices for the students to munch on. Lake Mac Today have written a great article on the opening which you can read HERE.

This is what Liz had to say about the new playground:

What a pleasure it was to attend the opening of the new Luskin Way playground this week. Being a local who shares a boundary with this street, I know some of the kids who attended the opening. These kids are robust, resilent kids, full of energy and possibilities. It was lovely to see their cheeky smiles as they put “their” new equipment to the “Luskin Way test”. You see to be accepted in Luskin Way you need to be flexible,  resourceful,  you need to be able to adapt to fit in! You need to be hardy and robust, made of better stuff than most! These kids are out on the street finding things to do every afternoon – this playground equipment will be well loved as they probably design new ways, (unthought of by the designer) of how to use the equipment.

The older kids , with a little encouragement, were able to approach the Mayor, Kay Fraser , and show her their make shift skate ramp. (In the corner of the new park lies an old beaten up, falling apart Skate ramp that was left by an ex-resident in their front yard that the boys have dragged into the park for everyone to use). To her credit the Mayor listened as the boys stumbled around telling her they would love somewhere to ride their scooters and Skateboards as they currently have to either do it in the middle of the street and that left their little siblings at risk as they played either in the park by themselves or on the road. The Mayor said there is skatepark money earmarked for Belmont somewhere… the boys grinned a little and cottoned on quick enough to ask if they cared for the equipment in the park would she consider Luskin way an option? …. These boys are resourceful and beyond their years in making business transactions. No promises were given but both parties left impressed by the other. And most importantly to me two boys left with a spark of hope for the future!