Membership for 2018-19 Now Due

Membership for the new financial year is now due

Support for your local community centre by becoming a member or renewing your membership

What is the BNC member reward program?
The facilities at Belmont Neighbourhood Centre are community facilities…. your facilities!

As a not for profit organisation we recieve a very small amount of funds from the Deparment of Family & Community Services (FACS) which is continually eaten up by rent increases (9% per annum), wage increases as a result of Fair Work legisaltion, electricity rises as well as the many costs in maintaining a 1939 building. Show your support for your local community centre and make a contribution to our fundraising efforts through membership. As a not-for-profit organisation, BNC invests all funds raised back into our centre and it’s community programs.

What are the rewards for being a member?
Annual membership to BNC entitles you entry into member raffles, a membership card, an average of 40% discount on our programs and venue hire (listed below) and invitations to members events.

Program Non Member donation rate Member donation rate
Belmont Men’s Shed Not applicable $18/ year
CCC Craft Group $7/ class $5/ class
Computer Lessons $7/ hour $5/ hour
Habitat Garden Produce $5/ kg $3/ kg
Heartmoves $7/ class $5/ class
Massage (ladies only) $40/ massage by appointment $35 by appointment
Playgroup $6/ family $4/ family
Reflexology $40 by appointment $25 by appointment
Stretch & Balance $7/ class $5/ class
Venue Hire (Kids Party) $120/ day ($90/ half day) $100/ day ($70/ half day)
A Variety Of Workshops/ functions Various 40% discount

What are the costs of membership?
Annual memberships are from 1st July each year. Costs below are as of 1st July 2018            

Belmont Neighbourhood Centre- $10 per financial year

Habitat in Harmony Community Garden- $12 per year (includes BNC membership)

Belmont Men’s Shed– $18 per year (includes BNC Membership)

PlayStation Toy Library– $12 per year (includes BNC Membership)


How do i join?
If you would like to join or renew your membership, drop in and see our friendly reception volunteers. Fill out a quick membership/renewal form for your membership number and card.

What if I can’t afford to continue to be a member?
BNC is committed to helping those in our community doing it tough. If you would like to apply for membership under our ‘hardship’ clause please contact us.