Orange Sky taking care of the laundry in Belmont North

Orange Sky Laundry will start visiting Belmont Neighbourhood Centre in early August

We are thrilled to announce that Orange Sky will soon start visiting BNC. A free laundry service will be provided to local people who are experiencing homelessness.

Starting on the 1st of August, Orange Sky will visit BNC to wash laundry, free of charge for people who don’t have access to a washing machine.

“It fills a much needed void in our community” said Centre Coordinator, Christopher Brown. “Our volunteers are excited to jump on board to support friends in our area”.

To build an inclusive environment, volunteers refer to people using the service as ‘friends’.

“This is a great example of how simple language can make a person feel respected. Sometimes we meet people who feel embarrassed or ashamed to access welfare services. We want the community to know that everyone is welcome”, said Brown.

Friends using the service can have a chat to volunteers while waiting for their clothes to be washed. The aim is to help ‘friends’ on the street to make gradual steps back into society.

For more information about Orange Sky, click here to go to their website, or call BNC on 02 4947 0031