Bugalugs Playgroup

Bugalugs Playgroup – Tuesdays @ BNC

 (during the school term.)

Time: 10am – 12pm

Cost: $3 per family

Bring morning tea and a hat.

No Bookings Required, just show up.

This is a general playgroup and is suitable for all children 0-6 years.


Extract from Playgroup Australia Website – “What is a playgroup”

What is a playgroup?

At playgroups parents and carers get together with their young children for a couple of hours each week to connect, learn through play and most importantly, have fun. Essentially, playgroup is one of the first, and most important social networks for children and families. Playgroup activities may involve craft, indoor and outdoor play and morning tea. At playgroup, families can learn new ideas for playing at home, make new friends and share their experiences in a relaxed environment.

Who can attend playgroup?

Playgroup is for babies, toddlers and pre-school aged children. They can be accompanied by mothers, fathers, grandparents, nannies or other carers. Playgroups held at Belmont Neighbourhood Centre are inclusive, providing welcoming supportive environments for all families to come together regardless of cultural, social or economic backgrounds.

How does playgroup benefit children?

Creative and unstructured learning through play is essential to the development of young children, helping them explore and understand their world.  According to research by the Telethon Kids Institute, the benefits of playgroup are seen across all domains of child development: physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive development and communication.

Major benefits of playgroup include: 

  • Provides opportunities for creative, unstructured learning through play;
  • Builds attachments between adults and children as they play together and share time and experiences;
  • Helps children develop social skills as they learn to interact with others, take turns, share and make friends;
  • Provides experiences that enable them to manage stress and adapt to change;
  • Offers opportunities for children to explore, invent, reason and solve problems.

How does playgroup benefit families?

Playgroup is a wonderful opportunity to meet other people in a similar situation. It gives parents the chance to make new friends, learn from one another and develop a supportive local network for you and your family.

Playgroup offers you and your family:

  • A place where parents and carers can support each other through sharing ideas, parenting experiences, concerns and information.
  • A place where families can build long-term friendships as their children grow and transition to school.
  • An affordable and regular opportunity to enjoy a shared outing.


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